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Take a chance on Rosie, take a chance on love!

There are many profound emotions that come with adopting a pet. One is knowing they’re relying on you to give them all the love they need to live their happiest, best life! If you’re adopting a senior pet, you go into the relationship knowing you’ll be squeezing all that lovin’ into perhaps a more condensed timeframe. The same could be true for pets with certain medical conditions… like Rosie.

Rosie is a beautiful, 2 ½ year old brown tabby who came to us having endured some kind of trauma that resulted in a diaphragmatic hernia (in Rosie’s case, this means her liver and large intestine are displaced within her chest cavity, severely decreasing her lung capacity), and an injury to her right leg. Her leg injury was extensive and required amputation. At the time of surgery, our veterinary team attempted to correct the hernia, but Rosie did not do well under anesthesia so they could only perform the amputation. Rosie recovered very well and is enjoying a comfortable life, but it’s unlikely that she’ll ever be able to undergo surgery to repair the hernia. Given her condition we don’t know what her lifespan will be – it could be abbreviated or it could be average. We *do* know that we need to find her a home where she’ll be loved and pampered for all of her days!

She will need to be an indoor-only cat and live a low-activity lifestyle. Luckily, luxurious brushing sessions, fuzzy mouse toys and food puzzles are just the kind of relaxed enrichment that Rosie adores! And, as you can see by her adorable video, her preferred activity is simply soaking up your affection!

Rosie may be able to live with well-matched cats and dogs with a proper introduction, but it’s human companionship and connection that really makes her flourish! She just needs one special someone willing to take a chance on giving – and receiving – a lifetime's worth of love. Would you like to learn more about this special cat? View her profile here, then give our adoption team a call at (707) 542-0882!

Who else needs a second chance to love and be loved? We currently have over 15 animals who have been waiting so patiently (100+ days!) to find their own lifetime of love! Pictured below are some of them, you can read about each of these sweet animals on our website.


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Healdsburg's Long Term Residents


DIEGO - looking for a forever home for 481 days

My story is one of resilience and friendship. I was transferred to HSSC from a shelter in Bakersfield back in April of 2021. I tried one new home but, sadly, it didn’t work out. I was a bit down but now I’m back with so many of my very good friends who’ve been taking great care of me! I’ve officially had my glow up, and I’m feeling terrific! Life’s a wild ride full of twists and turns, but I’m strong, I’m brave and I know that my new loving home is just around the corner. Read more about me HERE.

CODY - looking for a forever home for 202 days

I’m a sensitive little soul looking for a very special someone who’s okay with taking relationships one very slow step at a time. My friends describe me as shy and sweet. I enjoy napping in cat towers, playing with feathered wands and chasing crinkly toys when no one is looking! I’m searching for a home who will understand my cautious nature, a quiet, gentle, loving home where I can take my time getting comfortable. I promise, once I feel safe, our relationship will blossom and I make for a really great friend. Read more about me HERE.


News From Our Shelter Medicine Team


Pinwheel’s Amazing Transition!

This little kitten came to HSSC as a stray, she was found near some grape fields in Geyserville. Weighing less than a pound this poor baby was covered in fleas and mites and had a terrible upper respiratory infection that spread to her left eye which caused it to rupture. She was by far too small for surgery, so our Shelter Medicine team started her on antibiotics and pain medication to keep her comfortable while she grew.

She was immediately placed into foster care. Two of our staff members shared responsibilities taking this sweet girl home to feed her and keep her wounds clean. They named her Pinwheel. After a few weeks of loving care, she was big enough to have the surgery to ennoculate her eye. Little Pinwheel recovered well and was adopted by one of her foster parents who also works on our Shelter Medicine Team!

Pinwheel is now named Penny and she’s living very happily with her new family which includes her new best friend, another HSSC Alum cat named Nolan, who loves her, grooms her, and is by her side every day!


News From Our Community Vet Clinic


Dime A Dozen CVC Patient

Lillith the cat was brought to our Community Veterinary Clinic because she had been vomiting. Her family was unsure what was causing it and they were worried. Our medical team took X-rays which showed a circular foreign body in her digestive system. Lillith was quickly scheduled to have surgery the following day.

Our surgeon successfully removed the object from her small intestine – it was a dime that had been causing all her trouble! Her owner kept the dime and brought it home with plans to punch a hole in it and hang it from Lillith’s collar! 


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National Make-a-Will Month: Make your mark

August is National Make-A-Will Month, but this month is more than just about making your will—it’s about making your mark on the people and animals you care about. This month, you can make your will to secure your future, protect your loved ones, and even identify a guardian for your pets. We’ve partnered with FreeWill: a free online resource you can use to make or update your will in just 20 minutes. Creating a safe haven for animals begins with taking care of ourselves and our own furry friends, so make your mark today.




Wines That Give Back

Every year, our besties at Mutt Lynch Winery release special wines to commemorate and raise funds for our Wags, Whiskers and Wine Gala. This year they’ve outdone themselves once again with the magnificent release of two delicious Gala wines: their Wags Whiskers & Wine 2020 Chardonnay & their Wags Whiskers & Wine 2018 Cabernet. 50% of sales from these special wines benefit the Humane Society of Sonoma County!! For more information, wine descriptions and link to order please visit: muttlynchwinery.com 


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