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Just the sight of Doris Marie strutting down the halls of HSSC in her brightly patterned pajamas was enough to take the chill off a frosty morning. Arriving at work with her foster mom each day, the tiny, marshmallow-colored mini poodle was the picture of comfort and joy. Her cheerful “onesies” weren’t just cute though, she needed them to keep her warm while she healed.

The 11-year-old miniature poodle came to us with a history of chronic skin issues and ear infections. She was missing large patches of fur on her neck, belly, legs, paws, and around her eyes. Her exposed skin was itchy and severely inflamed. Our shelter veterinary team started her on a special therapeutic diet, anti-inflammatory and antifungal medications, and regular medicated baths.

We know the best healing takes place when medical treatments are paired with a heaping helping of TLC. Our staffer Anna stepped up to foster Doris Marie. She set up a cozy, cushy bed for her in her office and brought her home each night for extra snuggles. She made sure Doris got her medications on time, gave her medicated baths and doted on the sweet senior dog so she felt safe and cared for. Given the severity of her skin condition, Doris Marie must have been so uncomfortable, but she soaked up all the attention with a gentle sweetness. She craved cuddles and lap time!

It took several weeks, but we began to see amazing results. Her skin began to look better and her fur was growing back! We knew it was time for her to find a quiet, permanent home where she could get all the companionship she deserved. We are thrilled to report that Doris Marie was adopted last week by one of our beloved volunteers! She’ll be spending the holidays in the arms - and on the lap! - of someone who will love her for all of her days.

Watching Doris Marie walk down the halls of our shelter in her pajamas each day gave us all the feels, but nothing warmed our hearts more than seeing her walk out the door and into a home with her loving new guardian!

As 2022 draws to a close, we reflect with such profound gratitude on all that was good and beautiful about this year: animals like Doris Marie, who put their trust in us to provide them with hope and healing, and YOU, standing right by our side, making their journey home possible.

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Happy Tail For The Holidays ❤

We love every animal that comes through our doors, but from time to time, there’s an animal at our shelter who touches the hearts of every staff member and volunteer they meet. An underdog with a story to tell, who’s resilient and loveable, but who has a hard time getting adopted.

Diego is one of those dogs. After nearly two years searching for his forever home, we are thrilled to share that he's finally found a loving home of his very own! And when everyone at HSSC heard the good news, there wasn’t a dry eye in the building.

His enthusiastic personality and passion for stuffed animals lead him to become a favorite of our staff and volunteers. He was frequently brought on "out-and-abouts", especially car rides to his favorite coffee shop for a “Puppiccino”. He was our resident fashion model, always down to wear a costume in exchange for belly rubs. And his happy face and wiggly silly ways melted the hearts of everyone at HSSC.

There were glimmers of hope for interested adopters, but none of them turned out to be his forever home. Little did we know that his future adopter, Karen, had her eye on him for a while, but she hadn't been ready to adopt. Her house was under renovation, so she patiently waited.

When Karen was ready, the timing was perfect. She visited our Healdsburg shelter to meet Diego, and it was mutual love at first sight! She adopted him the very next day, and Diego was officially on his way home for the holidays…and for Furever.

(Cue the Happy Tears!)


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Mono Y Su Madre ❤

12 year-old mini poodle Mono, aka Mr. Magnificent, is one of our CVC’s original "year one" patients. He bears the distinctions of being among our sickest upon presentation, of filling the most prescription refills, and easily wins in the "most improved" category. He's even single-handedly encouraged more of our staff to learn a little Spanish.

His owner, Rosa, first brought him to the CVC in 2019. He was suffering from a neurological condition that caused him a great deal of pain and made it difficult for him to walk. He could not stand from a lateral position and was unable to move from his bed in a laundry basket. We discussed options with his family – ideally, he would have been hospitalized in an intensive care unit - and we gave them a very guarded prognosis for improvement with an outpatient therapy plan. His family believed in their beloved pet and were fully committed to his care.

We started him on two immune modulating medications and scheduled him for a recheck. His family’s faith in Mono’s ability to make a turnaround was correct – his spirit was much stronger than the challenges of his disease. They kept up with his complex medications and rechecks, and within weeks he was living up to his magnificent name! We knew then that he had significant dental disease and would require extensive dental care, but we were hesitant to challenge Mono’s hard-won neurological stability, so we forwent any procedures at that time.

After two years of steadily lowering doses of his medications without any relapse, we knew we could not delay his dental work any longer. We are pleased to report that Mono’s dental treatment was a great success! He had heavy calculus with infection, gum recession and some loose incisors. He needed 22 extractions, but had an easy anesthesia, recovered very well and has been eating much more robustly since his procedure. Rosa reports that Mono is like a whole new dog! She tells us that he is eating better than he has in years and is very active and chipper.

Rosa works as a housecleaner and is usually able to contribute some money towards Mono’s veterinary care and his lifesaving medications, even if she does not always have the funds to cover the full payment. She’s so grateful for our services that she sometimes even brings in homemade tamales for our staff!

Grants from the Grey Muzzle Organization and DogsTrust USA helped us cover Mono’s cost of care, helping him stay happy, healthy and in the arms of his family.




Braxton's Cherry Eye

Braxton came to our shelter with a condition called cherry eye, also known as a prolapsed nictitating membrane or prolapsed tear gland (seen in photo, left). Dogs have an extra tear gland in the lower lid that may occasionally prolapse, or swell out, which shows as a little red bleb at the margin of their eye. This can occur due to trauma, but some types of dog breeds are predisposed to this condition. Cocker Spaniels, Bulldogs, Boston terriers, Beagles, Bloodhounds, Lhasa Apsos, and Shih Tzus are commonly affected breeds.

Cherry eyes are problematic because this gland produces up to fifty percent of the watery portion of the tear film. Without the right amount of tear production, dogs can develop "dry eye," which may lead to impaired vision. Surgical correction is the recommended treatment if the cherry eye is causing a problem. Unfortunately the repair may sometimes fail, especially in those predisposed breeds.

We’re very happy to report that Braxton healed well from his corrective surgery, and was joyfully adopted just 2 weeks later!


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Thank You Russian River Brewing Company! 

Over the years, RRBC has received many accolades and dozens of awards for their beers at the Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup and other renowned beer competitions. They are considered an innovator on the international beer scene, while their Santa Rosa and Windsor brewpubs are popular local fixtures.

Although beer is what they do best, their purpose and passion lies in supporting and giving back to the community. Owners Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo are big time animal lovers and longtime supporters of the Humane Society of Sonoma County. Each year they graciously sponsor, donate beer, and attend HSSC’s annual Wags, Whiskers & Wine (and Beer!) gala. Natalie has a reputation as a fierce bidder during the Cake Frenzy!

Please join us in raising a toast to Vinnie, Natalie, and the entire RRBC team! We thank them for being such an amazing force for good in our community! ❤




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