Between the pandemic and the fires that are impacting our beloved county, these are uncertain times. One thing is certain though: Our unwavering gratitude for our compassionate community! From the first responders working so hard to keep us all so safe, to our dedicated network of animal welfare partners, to YOU for your concern and support! We've been busy working to make sure that our animals are safe and cared for, and that we can continue to be a resource for at-risk animals and families that need us during evacuations. Since the first threat of the Walbridge Fire, we evacuated all of the animals from our Healdsburg shelter to our Santa Rosa shelter. From here, we have worked with Sacramento SPCA and Marin Humane to take in some of our animals in in event that our Highway 12 West campus needed to evacuate - and so that we are ready to house fire-displaced animals.

We know we can get through this together! 

We also know that we need some good news right now, so please enjoy the following amazing 
adoption stories and sweet updates from some recent adopters!

Happy Tails and Uplifting Updates


What happens when you are getting ready to adopt a dog, but you want a Pit Bull and your partner wants a German Shepherd? You get one of each!

Gloria and Nicholas had just moved into a house and had begun their search for a new dog. Gloria, who really wanted a Pit Bull, saw Canelo on our website and fell in love. After reading about him, she saw we were looking for a home that could take Canelo and his buddy Shaggy together. She realized that Shaggy was a German Shepherd, just what Nicholas had been wanting! They made an appointment to meet this sweet pair and after some discussion they decided to go big AND go home with their two new family members!

Adopting out a pair of animals together can be a tough sell, especially when that pair is two large dogs. We are so glad that we were able to find the perfect family for Shaggy and Canelo in just FIVE DAYS!

Happy trails to the happy new family!

In "we're not crying, you're crying!" news:

Cowboy was one of our favorite furry residents at HSSC for quite awhile...197 days to be exact!! We waited patiently knowing that one day the perfect family would come in and scoop our little buddy up and give him a great life.

Well, that day happened and we couldn't be happier for this galloping goofball! Cowboy has finally found a new place to rest his saddle and call home.

Kate, Jed and their lovely dog Daisy all met with Cowboy and decided it was time for him to join the family.

Happy trails Cowboy! ❤️


"We adopted Nellie, a beautiful 3 year old cat, from your Santa Rosa location a few months ago. Now we can’t imagine our lives without her. She has brought so much affection and playful lightness to this difficult and uncertain time. She has completely taken over our home in the best possible way. From hilarious sprawling nap positions, to sleeping with us every night, we couldn’t be more happy with this addition to our little family. Here are some pictures of Nellie living her best life ❤️"


"Spencer made herself at home right away and has proved herself to be confident, curious, cuddly, and a perfect fit into our home! She claimed her spot on the couch and is eating lots! She's been super playful, but all those photos are blurry, so here's her naps!"


"We are so in love with this little one! Her personality has really come out in the last few days and she seems so comfortable in the house. She definitely runs the place, but we don’t mind! We decided to change her name to something a bit more grown up because she is quite the queen!! We call her Ava."


❤️🐾 Ready to bring home your new fuzzy family member? Click here to see how!! 🐾❤️

News from our Shelter Hospital and Community Vet Clinic

Rio the kitten was brought in by a family member of one of our shelter medicine staff after he was found injured. He sustained a degloving injury to his chin, where his bottom lip and overlying skin on his chin had been pulled off of his mandible (lower jaw bone).

Emergency surgery was performed to pull the skin and lip back into place and anchor it. He was given antibiotics and pain medication and will be monitored closely over the next couple of days. He is a sweet boy and was a very good patient for us.

We hope he feels better soon 💕

A highly revered, long time local veterinarian, Dr. Peter Henriksen, was one of the earliest supporters of our Community Veterinary Clinic. He recently made a thoughtful and generous contribution to the Clinic to help us establish "Pete's Caboose",  a fund to provide matching funds for client co-pays and help us cover costs in the near-term.

We are moved and inspired by Dr. Pete's own career of kindness and service. His support for our work at the CVC surely suggests we are going in the right direction. 

Thank you Dr. Henriksen ❤️

While we respond to the fires and the pandemic, HSSC's Shelter Medicine and CVC programs continue to provide life saving procedures and surgeries. We are so grateful to have such dedicated medical professionals caring for the animals who need it most.

Any gift you can spare right now will do a world of good for our shelter animals and allow our medical and animal care teams to continue saving these precious lives.



Join Us

Please Help us Purchase a New Generator!

We're raising money as quickly as we can to purchase a generator large enough to power the entire shelter during an outage. We're off to a strong start thanks to generous donors, including the Cohn Charitable Fund and the Redducs Foundation, who stepped up following the Kincade Fire. We need your help right now to raise the remaining funds before this year's fire season reaches its peak.

Help us keep our promise to the animals - to make sure they are safe, no matter what.


Arlo was happy to be the star of a recent online
class with his person Stephanie.

Grab your Very Good Dog and Join us for Online and In-Person Training!

Did you recently bring a dog home who needs some guidance? Are you looking to build a life-long bond between you and your canine companion? or just looking to sharpen skills that have slipped away with age? Humane Society of Sonoma County is here to help.

We are now offering online training and safe, socially distant in-person training at our Santa Rosa shelter!! For more information about our our classes and to register visit:


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Kibbles 'N Bits


Pet Preparedness: A Safety Net for Our Fuzzy Family Members!

Being prepared for an emergency can help to ease the stress of the situation - for us and our pets! If the current fires caught you off guard, NOW is the time to make sure you are well and truly prepared for the next one. 

The following resources can help you create a go-bag and a plan to keep your fur-babies safe, come what may.


Reuniting Lost Pets with Their People!

During times like these preparedness is more important than ever!! Sign up now- Finding Rover helps reunite lost pets with their owners!

Finding Rover is a FREE service that uses patented Facial Recognition technology to help reunite lost dogs and cats with their families! As a partner, the community can now see if their lost pet is in our care with just a few clicks.

We highly encourage everyone to register with a personal Finding Rover account by going to It just takes a minute to help bring your pet home faster!


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You will touch many hearts and lives with the kindness of a recurring gift. Become a Humane Partner today!


First and foremost, we want you all to stay safe and healthy. We will continue to post updates about
our programs and services on our website
here and on our Facebook page as COVID response
continues and fire season progresses.

Your ongoing support enables us to continue our lifesaving work for the animals during this challenging time.

Together we are providing protection, compassion, love and care. We are so grateful for this
connection which inspires so much hope. 


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