Wouldn't you love some bunny to love?


Dusty, sweet and sensitive.


Haley, calm and friendly.


Lilly, big and gentle.


With their sweet fluffy softness, their amusing binkies*, their endlessly interesting personalities… sigh, we admit it – we LOVE bunnies! If you’ve been thinking about bringing a rabbit into your family, now is the perfect time!

Thanks to our valued partnership with SaveABunny, we have some wonderful buns ready to find loving homes! SaveABunny is a Northern California rescue whose staff and volunteers are some of the best rabbit experts in the area. HSSC Admission Program Manager Anna Harrison explains, “they prioritize providing rabbits the unique spay/neuter and medical care they require. When they need to make room in their foster center to take in more at-risk rabbits, they reach out to us with some of their ‘ready-to-go’ bunnies so we can adopt them into loving homes.”

All of HSSC's bunnies are companion house rabbits! We believe bunnies should live cage free indoors only, in a pen or free-roaming in the home. This lets the bunnies live much longer, happier lives - indoor rabbits can live 12+ years!! Like any companion animal, they require adopters committed to their best care and wellbeing.

One way to keep your bunny safe and healthy is to be mindful of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2), an emerging infectious disease that’s working its way across the country. RHDV2 affects both wild and domestic rabbits and has been found in several western states, including California, as of early 2020. Shed through the waste of infected rabbits, the virus can be spread by fleas, flies, insects and mosquitoes, as well as by birds, rodents and other animals.

HSSC’s Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Lisa Labrecque, explains the safety measures we’ve taken to protect our bunnies from this deadly virus: “Last November, with a special permit from the State Veterinarian’s office, we received 100 vaccines for RHDV2. Rabbits who come into our care who have not yet had the vaccine are vaccinated at intake then quarantined for 18 days before being made available for adoption. We’ve also implemented new protocols for rabbit handling and care for every rabbit who enters our shelter.”

Lori Bazaan, longtime HSSC rabbit volunteer and foster, goes the extra mile in her at-home bunny care routine to mitigate RHDV2 contamination risk. She feeds her rabbits clean, non-foraged greens and asks family members and guests to remove outdoor shoes before entering the house.

Are you ready to become a valiant Valentine for a bunny in need of a safe, loving home? Check out our adoptable rabbits here: https://humanesocietysoco.org/available-animals/

Then give our friendly adoption counselors a call! They are here to match you with the rabbit of your dreams and set you up with all the resources you’ll need to live hoppily ever after!

(*Binkies - the joyful hops, kicks and spins that bunnies demonstrate when they are feeling playful and happy!)


❤️🐾 Ready to bring home your new fuzzy family member? Click here to see how!! 🐾❤️


News from our Shelter Hospital and Community Vet Clinic


Clover is a handsome, playful cuddlebug who recently came into our care. On his intake exam an umbilical hernia was discovered. This is a protrusion of the abdominal lining, fat, or even abdominal organ(s) through the area around the umbilicus (navel or belly button) due to a birth defect in the body wall. The umbilicus in dogs and cats is located on their underside just below the ribcage.

Sometimes the hernia is non-reducible, meaning that whatever is protruding at that site cannot be pushed back inside the abdomen. In these cases the hernia is typically made of fat and does not need to be surgically corrected. However, when the hernia is reducible and can be pushed back inside the abdomen, then surgical correction is indicated.

Clover's umbilical hernia was reducible so it was surgically corrected when he was neutered. Clover is doing great after surgery and playing hard with his roommate Bubbles.

And the best news of all? Both of these cats were adopted right after they were made available!  💕

This big, gorgeous orange tabby boy named Charlie has a special purpose in life: he is the emotional support kitty for a boy who was born with cerebral palsy. Unfortunately he developed a painful, life-threatening condition seen almost exclusively in male cats – a urethral blockage. Crystals and other debris can form in the urinary bladder and accumulate, causing the blockage.

Cats will frequent the litterbox and cry, unable to urinate, and require emergency treatment to be “unblocked.” This was the fourth time Charlie had blocked in the year since he was adopted, and the clinic he was taken to recommended he have surgery called a perineal urethrostomy. With this surgery, the urethral opening is repositioned to an area where it has a wider opening, hopefully preventing any future blockages.

The cost for this surgery at a private clinic is quite high, so Charlie came to our CVC for surgery, which was performed the following day. Charlie will require a special diet so that he doesn’t continue to form crystals, as these can be irritating to the bladder wall.

Now Charlie can go back to the important job of taking care of his special person! 💕


Even as we continue to adapt and respond during pandemic times, HSSC's Shelter Medicine and CVC programs are providing lifesaving procedures and surgeries. We are so grateful to have such dedicated medical professionals caring for the animals who need it most.

Any gift you can spare right now will do a world of good for our shelter animals and allow our medical and animal care teams to continue saving these precious lives.



Valentine Fun!


Valentine’s Pup-Up Auction – Join Us Today!!

Are you ready for some heartfelt fun? Help the animals, win exciting prizes and celebrate the love we share for our fuzzy Valentines!

Our Valentine’s Pup-Up Auction opens at 9AM Thursday 2/11 (that’s today!!) & closes at 5PM Friday 2/12

Our Fabulous Winner will be announced Friday evening!

Click here to place your bids on our Valentine auction packages!

❤️ Thank you!!!! from all the animals you are showing the love!! ❤️ 


Healdsburg Happenings


Looking for a unique way to show someone your love is as solid as a brick?  ❤️

Pave your way into your favorite animal lover’s heart with a commemorative brick, and help the Humane Society of Sonoma County continue their life saving work!

For a donation, you can purchase a brick in honor of your true love, best human friend, or best furry friend. Or celebrate your love of animals with a heartfelt message inscribed with your own name.  The Healdsburg Shelter Commemorative Brick Program offers an opportunity to be part of our life saving work to provide a safe haven for animals, new beginnings and second chances. (Bricks are installed in our Memorial Courtyard at the Healdsburg Shelter)

Skip the chocolate this year and give a commemorative brick for a treasured gift that keeps giving, and will last forever.

Please visit our Healdsburg Shelter Commemorative Brick Program website to order directly here.


Generator Match Campaign



Thanks to loving, compassionate donors like YOU, and the support of David & Mary Love and their amazing $25,000 match challenge, we reached our fund-raising goal for our new emergency generator!! That means we will have the power we need for our Santa Rosa shelter's life-saving operations during emergencies and disasters!!! 

Because of you we can now rest a whole lot easier knowing that our animals will be safe and we'll make it through whatever Ma Nature throws our way!

We couldn't have done this without YOU.
Thousands of happy hearts, waggy tails & wiggly whiskers say 

❤️❤️ THANK YOU!!!  ❤️❤️


How You Can Help


HSSC Amazon Wish Lists

Did you know we regularly update our Amazon wish lists with items our shelters need to care for the animals on an ongoing basis? (Right now we really need Feliway, cardboard cat carriers and medical gloves!)

Our Santa Rosa shelter wish list can be viewed here.

Our Healdsburg shelter wish list can be seen here.

Also, you can make The Humane Society the beneficiary of your Amazon Smile purchases! It's quick and easy and 0.5% of all eligible orders made through https://smile.amazon.com/ goes to helping shelter animals. Every little bit counts- visit Amazon to sign up today!



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As a Humane Partner, you won’t receive regular donation requests in the mail, but you may hear from us from time-to-time. And, in January of each year, we'll send you a “Thank You” receipt for tax purposes.

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