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It’s Been an AMAZING Month of Animal Rescues!!

When our partner shelters urgently need to make room for animals from overcrowded shelters, they reach out to see if we can help, and we are more than happy to step up! In May alone we brought in 248 animals including 32 kittens who were flown in from Long Beach and 58 animals from our new lifesaving partnership with Fresno Humane Animal Services!

It was all hands on deck as these transfers included several small and large dogs, two injured puppies, an adult cat with injuries, and lots and lots of kittens - many with upper respiratory infections (URI) and conjunctivitis.

Our animal care crew made sure each and every animal had fresh water and soft beds after the journey, and delivered kitten and puppy lunches. Our intake team performed initial exams and administered necessary meds, and our shelter medical team triaged care for the URI kitties and assessed the injured cats and dogs in need of urgent spay surgeries.

A few of the kittens, like Miner (shown on the left) had ruptured eyes, most likely due to feline herpesvirus. This very common virus in cats damages the cornea, causing ulceration. If the ulcer gets infected and is not treated, it will get deeper and deeper, eventually causing the eye to rupture. Painter (pictured below) had an eye that was painful, infected, and there was no hope for saving it, so he needed enucleation surgery this week.

We are so thrilled to report that many animals from these recent transfers are already being adopted into loving homes! Check out more of their stories below!

Our ability to take in animals who require medical care and rehabilitation sets us apart from other shelters and allows us to offer those shelters critical support. Smaller shelters without medical and other resources can transfer animals to us that they might otherwise have to euthanize.

You make this lifesaving service possible! Your donations to our 
Angels Fund go directly to our veterinary medical programs and help us save these beautiful little lives.

You are a critical part of every animal's story. We are truly grateful for your loving, compassionate support!


Pasta came in with a fractured leg that needed to be amputated. Read about his journey to adoption below.


Painter came to us with an ulcerated eye and needed enucleation surgery. The good news is that this cutie has already been adopted and is getting back to the job of being a fun-loving kitten in her new home!


Melody was transferred into our care with a fractured radius and ulna (both bones in her front leg) after likely being hit by a car. Her fractures have healed enough on their own so surgery isn't needed and - best of all - she was just adopted into her forever home!


Happy Tails!


Sweet, 3-month-old Pasta came to us from Fresno in need of lifesaving medical care.

He had a humeral condylar fracture, in simple terms an elbow fracture, and it was affecting his growth plate. Not only would this have been difficult (and expensive) to repair surgically, when the growth plate is damaged it can cause the bone to stop growing, so his legs would end up different lengths.

In a small dog this might be okay, but Pasta’s going to be a big boy and legs of different length could lead to other issues. The best solution was to amputate the leg.

Pasta was adopted almost immediately after he recovered from surgery. His new family tells us, "Pasta has been doing great since his adoption. His nickname is Mr. Wiggle Butt because he gets so excited with people and kids and other animals. He's super loving and has been so comfortable with adjusting to his new home! Thank you so much for the care you gave him!" ❤️


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National Pet Preparedness Month


June is National Pet Preparedness Month and we know the importance of being prepared is huge. The recent hot, windy weather has a lot of us more than a bit nervous. The best way to channel that energy is by making sure that your entire family, including your fur babies, are prepared for an emergency. Here are links to some helpful emergency tips:

Visit our site for more information on pet disaster preparation here.

To learn how to condition your pets to crates and carriers:
For dogs
For cats

The best way to find a lost pet is by registering with Petco Love Lost, a site that uses patented facial recognition technology to help reunite lost dogs and cats with their families! Register your pet now! 

No one expects to lose their pet, but it happens everyday, especially during emergencies. Microchipping improves the chance that you'll get your animal back if it becomes lost or stolen. Not sure if your pets' microchips are registered or updated? If you have the microchip number you can look it up here: www.petmicrochiplookup.org/


Summer is coming and temperatures are rising! Did you know that leaving a pet inside a parked car is the most common cause of potentially deadly heat stroke? Even when it's 70 degrees outside, the inside of a car can heat up to more than 110 degrees within 30 minutes, even if all the windows are cracked!

Leave your pets at home when you know you are going to be out for any amount of time. Even a five minute visit to a store can unexpectedly lead to a longer visit.

For more hot weather pet safety tips click here. 

If you suspect your pet is suffering from heat stroke, take them to a veterinarian right away. The following link contains more information on heat stroke in both cats and dogs.

We sure hope you never need to use this information, but it's very good to know how to treat (and possibly save!) an overheated dog

News from our Community Veterinary Clinic


Kiki BartholoMEOW is one of our original Community Veterinary Clinic patients.

We've been treating him at the CVC for hyperthyroid and he recently came in (with his fresh chic summer Lion haircut) for assessment of a large lump on his left shoulder.

We determined it was a cyst and our spay/neuter team was able to assist with anesthesia so Dr. Ada could surgically remove it that same day.

Bear’s person is a single mom who went into significant debt to treat Bear when he was diagnosed with diabetes last year. Our CVC staff set her up with the Royal Veterinary College Diabetes App to organize her home-monitoring of Bear’s glucose levels, which also allowed her to share the results with us. A typical high-octane heeler, Bear immediately jumped up on the window sill to watch his owner who was waiting outside while we did our exam.

Following his first visit Bear’s Mom sent us this email: "Thank you again SO much. I cannot express the amount of anxiety that left my chest when you said I could bring him in, and the hope that I feel now after bringing him in. Thank you."

In these changing times, your support helps HSSC's Shelter Medicine and CVC programs provide lifesaving procedures and surgeries for animals in need. 

Any gift you can spare right now will do a world of good for our shelter animals and allow our medical and animal care teams to continue saving these precious lives.



How You Can Help


Help Us Raise the Roooof!!

Our Santa Rosa Shelter’s roof has protected the animals for many years. We’ve patched and repaired the leaky spots as they’ve cropped up, but the time has come: we need to replace our roof before the next rainy season. We made a promise to love and care for the animals when they have nowhere else to turn. Now, we’re turning to you to help us keep a roof over their heads – literally!    

We can do this together! 

Our animal-adoring friends at ARS Roofing have pulled out all the stops to get us an amazing "cool roof" with a lifetime guarantee to protect the animals and save us energy.  

Now it's our turn to step up and do our part!

Every donation, big or small, brings us closer to our goal. Together we will continue to provide protection and comfort for the animals when they need us most. 

❤️Thank you so much for your support! ❤️


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HSSC merch is such a good-looking way to support the animals and our new logo baseball tees and hats will have you heading into summer in style!

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Join Us!


Wags, Whiskers & WiFi 2021


Our phone lines have been lighting up!  

Everyone wants to know the scoop!  

We are pleased to announce that our award-winning electronic extravaganza, Wags, Whiskers & WiFi, will be back August 4th, 5th & 6th – this time with an extra special, fun and frisky twist! 

Stay tuned and watch your inbox for an official invite! 


Join us for Head West at The Barlow in Sebastopol!!

Head West is a local, community marketplace of neighbors and HSSC will be there July 10th and every second Saturday through December with our Kissing Booth, therapy dog visits, and training demos by our dog training department!

For more information visit: 



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