As in any household, appliances choose the absolute WORST time to go out, and unfortunately the dryers at HSSC decided that now was the time to go on the fritz. They konked out and because they are heavy duty industrial dryers they will cost more to fix than to replace!

Laundry happens all day, every day at HSSC- we wash and dry as many as 14 loads per day!! Clean laundry is essential to the care of our shelter animals and we need your help right now to keep the laundry flowing and our animals safe, clean and cozy! In order to replace our broken dryers with sturdy, durable new ones, we need to raise $3,000 in the next week so we can get back up and drying as soon as possible!

Any amount helps and our clean, warm and fluffy shelter animals will thank you! ❤️

Happy Tails!

Shy girl Nala hit the jackpot when the Bandy family drove up from Oakland to adopt her into their family! ❤️

Happy trails Nala!!

Hypatia heard she was getting adopted and eagerly boxed herself up to head off to her new home! 😺

Wishing this sweet girl a happy new life!!

The Sanz family was looking for a new companion and decided that a guinea pig was the way to go. Mom looked online and found Simon. She called, made an appointment and came to pick up her family's new best friend!
Once Simon has settled in, they will be on the look out for another guinea pig to keep Simon company.

Happy trails little guy!! ❤️

Ready to bring home your new fuzzy family member?

As certain restrictions are being lifted we know you may have questions about our adoption process going forward. Currently, we are still doing Adoptions by Appointment to help you meet your match – online, of course! 

Meet your next fur-baby in four easy steps:

1.  View our adoptable pets online at our Santa Rosa shelter: dogscatsrabbits; and at our Healdsburg shelter.

2.  Call our Adoptions Team to learn more about a specific animal and find out if they’re a good fit!
Santa Rosa  (707) 542-0882 Tues–Sat 11am–6pm, Sun 11am-5pm

Healdsburg  (707) 431-3386  Mon–Sat 11pm–5:30pm

3.  Schedule a Meet ‘n Greet! In general, appointments can be set up within 1–2 days.
- Dogs meet ‘n greets will take place in predetermined outside spaces
- Cats and rabbit meet ‘n greets will take place via video call

4.  Adopt! When you’re ready to adopt, all paperwork can be completed online and we’ll will meet you outside ready to safely transfer your pet to you via leash (dogs) or carrier (cats, small companion animals).

News from our Shelter Hospital 

Droolius Caesar was transferred to us from another shelter that was unable to meet his medical needs. In addition to being FIV-positive, he had an upper respiratory infection (URI) and a severely matted coat. After he came into our care he was first treated for his URI, then once he was feeling better he was scheduled for neuter surgery and a shave down.

When our medical staff began to shave him, they discovered a number of foxtails embedded in his skin. Foxtails are the seed portion of certain grasses and are barbed, which causes them to move in one direction only. They can get into an animal's nose, ears, eyes, between their toes, and under the skin, and then they migrate inward. They can cause abscesses, ruptured eardrums, cataracts, and can even end up in the chest cavity and the brain.

Luckily our medical staff was able to remove the foxtails before they migrated very far. He had several of them in his right armpit that had abscessed, and required the placement of a drain under the skin to keep fluid from building up while he was treated with antibiotics. He is now recovering and getting ready to go up for adoption. He is a sweet and affectionate boy, and we hope he finds his forever home very soon! ❤️

HSSC Shelter Medicine and our CVC are still performing life saving procedures and surgeries during the shelter in place. We are so grateful to have such dedicated medical professionals caring for the animals who need it most.

Any gift you can spare right now will do a world of good for our shelter animals and allow our medical and
animal care teams to continue saving these precious lives.


Join Us

Save the Dates for Wags, Whiskers & WiFi!

August 5th, 6th & 7th, 2020

This year we are going VIRTUAL and we can’t wait to party with you! Join us for an Out of This World experience with special appearances, performances and interactive fun leading up to the main event, including: Mike McGuire, the Cake Frenzy, Scamp the Champ, spectacular auctions, loads of animals… and so much more!!

So grab your tinfoil hat, rev up your spaceship and get ready to blast off for fun!

Ways to get involved today:

1.      Register here so you can get all the updates!

2.      Become a WW&W sponsor here

3.      Star in our video! We'd love to know about the bond you share with your pet. Follow this link for details on how to submit your video!


Arlo was happy to be the star of a recent online class with his person Stephanie.

Join us on Zoom for our Training and Manners Series!

These classes will provide clients the same coaching and instruction as in person classes, but from the convenience and safety of your own home. 

Basic Training and Manners will include how to safely use food in teaching your dog behaviors like sit, down and wait. We will also work on attention and the beginnings of "come-when-called". 

Date: Saturdays, July 11th - Aug 15th, 8:45 am-9:45 am 
Instructor: Sue McGuire
For more information and to register click

Intermediate Training and Manners will continue to focus on walking on a leash, building strong connections for a coming when called and teaching duration of behaviors amid a wide variety of settings. 

Date: Wednesdays, July 8th - August 12th, 6:15 pm-7:15 pm
Instructor: Sue McGuire
For more information and to register click


Furry Friends Summer Day Camp

We at HSSC would like to let you know that we are reducing the number of registrations for campers to minimize any risks surrounding COVID-19. Our aim in doing this is to provide peace of mind to parents while continuing to provide a fun and enriching experience to campers. We have also eliminated all off-site field trips to minimize exposure and keep our campers safe.

Registration is still open for our summer camps! For more information and to register, please visit:


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First and foremost, we want you all to stay safe and healthy. We will be posting updates about our programs and services on our website here and on our Facebook page as things continue to evolve.

Your ongoing support enables us to continue our lifesaving work for the animals during this challenging time.

Together we are providing protection, compassion, love and care. We are so grateful for this connection which inspires so much hope. 


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