Edith is a big love of a dog. She's a delightful mix of healthy, active dog in a silly toy-playing package. This senior girl is tons of fun and enjoys running, being active and cuddling. She's also shameless about her love for soft squeaky toys and has been caught laying on her back and playing with them like a puppy!

Edith is shy with new people. We knew introductions would take some time, that her adopters would need to be patient and let her open up on her terms. We knew we had to find her an active family who understood her need for structure and lots of daily exercise because, despite being 7 years old, she's a true athlete.

The Wards were looking online for a new companion to join their family. They saw Edith and were instantly drawn to her. The fact that they lived two hours away in El Dorado Hills didn't faze them in the least. They called HSSC, made an appointment and then made the long trek to come meet her. Edith obviously won them over and scored herself a new home. 

The Wards just sent us an update on how Edith is settling in- "She's doing great! Our other dogs are just fine with her and she’s latched on to our oldest son, follows him around like a puppy!" ❤️

Pet 'o the Week

Christophe - A People Person 💕

Christophe is a very outgoing and friendly 13 year old who loves to be around people constantly and to receive lots of pets. He is very talkative and loves to 'chat' with his humans and express excitement about food through his cute meows. His foster parent said he would follow her from room to room because he liked human companionship so much.

Christophe has also shown that he loves to chase toys and is very playful but perhaps his his cutest trait is how he goes for walks in his harness. View the cuteness here

Christophe is currently residing at our Santa Rosa shelter, give us a call at 707.542.0882 to see if Christophe would be a good fit for your family!

Ready to bring home your new fuzzy family member?

As certain restrictions are being lifted we know you may have questions about our adoption process going forward. Currently, we are still doing Adoptions by Appointment to help you meet your match – online, of course! 

Meet your next fur-baby in four easy steps:

1.  View our adoptable pets online at our Santa Rosa shelter: dogscatsrabbits; and at our Healdsburg shelter.

2.  Call our Adoptions Team to learn more about a specific animal and find out if they’re a good fit!
Santa Rosa  (707) 542-0882 Tues–Sat 11am–6pm, Sun 11am-5pm

Healdsburg  (707) 431-3386  Mon–Sat 11pm–5:30pm

3.  Schedule a Meet ‘n Greet! In general, appointments can be set up within 1–2 days.
- Dogs meet ‘n greets will take place in predetermined outside spaces
- Cats and rabbit meet ‘n greets will take place via video call

4.  Adopt! When you’re ready to adopt, all paperwork can be completed online and we’ll will meet you outside ready to safely transfer your pet to you via leash (dogs) or carrier (cats, small companion animals).

News from our Shelter Hospital and Community Vet Clinic

The spay/neuter clinic is back in action! We are currently doing surgeries two days a week – Wednesdays and Fridays. Beginning June 15 we will also be doing public spay/neuter on Tuesdays! Here are some photos of our team doing what they do best.

Registered Veterinary Technician Anna has just induced anesthesia and is in the process of intubating this beautiful long-haired calico cat. Through this tube she will receive a combination of oxygen and isoflurane (anesthetic gas) while she is in surgery.

Dr. Barbara just finished spaying this German Shepherd Dog – did you know that a small green tattoo placed next to the incision is a universal sign that the animal has been sterilized?

Animals are lined up on the “beach” – a soft, heated recovery area – while they are monitored by staff until they are awake enough to go home.

Meet Murphy, an HSSC graduate who was adopted from our shelter as a puppy. He has developed some anxiety issues and his new family has been working with a behaviorist to make sure he feels safe and comfortable when in fearful or unknown situations - like when he goes to the vet!

Playing ball calms him down so we made sure to keep his ball with him when he came in to our Community Veterinary Clinic for surgery to remove a tumor. Dr. Ada even played ball with him during his intake exam to keep him relaxed and comfortable.

Baby Murphy.

This type of interaction is an example of the "Fear-free" philosophy that our staff is trained to follow while interacting with animals in the shelter. By reducing feelings of stress in our animals, the result is a better experience for all involved — the animals, adopters, owners, and the veterinary team.❤️

HSSC Shelter Medicine and our CVC are still performing life saving procedures and surgeries during the shelter in place. We are so grateful to have such dedicated medical professionals caring for the animals who need it most.

Any gift you can spare right now will do a world of good for our shelter animals and allow our medical and animal care teams to continue saving these precious lives.


Join Us

Save the Date for Wags, Whiskers & WiFi!

Friday, August 7th, 2020

This year we are going VIRTUAL and we can’t wait to party with you! Join us for an Out of This World experience with special appearances, performances and interactive fun leading up to the main event, including: Mike McGuire, the Cake Frenzy, Scamp the Champ, spectacular auctions, loads of animals… and so much more!!

So grab your tinfoil hat, rev up your spaceship and get ready to blast off for fun!

Ways to get involved today:

1.      Register here so you can get all the updates!

2.      Become a WW&W sponsor here

3.      Star in our video! We'd love to know about the bond you share with your pet. Follow this link for details on how to submit your video!


Join us on Zoom for our Training and Manners Series!

These classes will provide clients the same coaching and instruction as in person classes, but from the convenience and safety of your own home. 

Basic Training and Manners will include how to safely use food in teaching your dog behaviors like sit, down and wait. We will also work on attention and the beginnings of "come-when-called". 

Date: Saturday, June 6th - July 18th, 11:30 am-12:30 pm 
Instructor: Sue McGuire
For more information and to register click

Intermediate Training and Manners will continue to focus on walking on a leash, building strong connections for a coming when called and teaching duration of behaviors amid a wide variety of settings. 

Date: Saturday, June 11th - August 15th, 10-11 am 
Instructor: Sue McGuire
For more information and to register click


Furry Friends Summer Day Camp

We at HSSC would like to let you know that we are reducing the number of registrations for campers to minimize any risks surrounding Covid-19. Our aim in doing this is to provide peace of mind to parents while continuing to provide a fun and enriching experience to campers. We have also eliminated all off-site field trips to minimize exposure and keep our campers safe.

Registration is still open for our summer camps! For more information and to register, please visit: https://humanesocietysoco.org/youth-programs/humane-education/


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Kibbles 'N Bits


Baby, It's Hot Outside!!

On a sunny day with temperatures at or above 70° Fahrenheit, most people know that the temperature inside their car can soar to intolerable levels for their dog. But even outdoors in a non-shaded area, the heat can quickly get to your pooch and cause serious complications.

How can heatstroke be prevented?
Keep pets with conditions like heart disease, obesity, older age, or breathing problems cool and in the shade. Even normal activity for these pets can be harmful.

Do not leave your pet in a hot parked car even if you're in the shade or will only be gone a short time. The temperature inside a parked car can quickly reach up to 140 degrees.

On a hot day, restrict exercise and don't take your dog jogging with you. Too much exercise when the weather is very hot can be dangerous. Provide access to water at all times and make sure your dog has ample access to shade whenever outdoors.

Avoid places like the beach and especially concrete or asphalt areas where heat is reflected and there is no access to shade.

Wetting down your dog with cool water or allowing him to swim can help maintain a normal body temperature.

For more information on recognizing and preventing heatstroke in dogs view: https://www.hillspet.com/dog-care/healthcare/heat-exhaustion-in-dogs


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You will touch many hearts and lives with the kindness of a recurring gift. Become a Humane Partner today.


First and foremost, we want you all to stay safe and healthy. We will be posting updates about our programs and services on our website here and on our Facebook page as things continue to evolve.

Your ongoing support enables us to continue our lifesaving work for the animals during this challenging time.

Together we are providing protection, compassion, love and care. We are so grateful for this connection which inspires so much hope. 


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